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About the Join Us in France Travel Podcast

Join Us in France is the home of a weekly podcast about France launched in Feb 2014. Welcome to the show! Look around, we have a show for almost every place in France. Let's make your next visit to France the best one yet!

Jan 25, 2017

The Orangerie Museum in Paris is not one of the major museums that everybody feels like they need to visit, the question is: should you go see the Orangerie Museum or should you skip?

If you like this episode, you should also check out Episode 102 about the Rodin Museum because it is also  a small museum that doesn't take hours to see, yet offers amazing world-famous pieces that will blow you mind and introduce you to artists  who revolutionized their fields.

Orangerie Museum Episode Highlights

  • The Orangerie Museum Building [6'11"]
  • What's an Orangerie Anyway? [8'30']
  • How Monet Made the Orangerie [10'40"]
  • How Monet Took Advantage of His Bad Eyes to His Creative Advantage [11:50]
  • Why you must look at Monet's Paintings Up-Close and then at a Distance [13']
  • The Orangerie Museum Is a Space for Meditation [14'12"]
  • What else at the Orangerie Museum? [19']
  • Giverny [23'47"]
  • Marmotan Museum in Paris [27'26"]
  • Annie and Elyse talk about the Inaugural Paris Tour [37']

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