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About the Join Us in France Travel Podcast

Join Us in France is the home of a weekly podcast about France launched in Feb 2014. Welcome to the show! Look around, we have a show for almost every place in France. Let's make your next visit to France the best one yet!

Feb 28, 2017

Join Us in France Travel Podcast

Maybe you're financially challenged at the moment, maybe you're bringing your kids and don't need or want anything fancy. Maybe you're just the kind of person, like me, who likes to feel like you got great value for your dollar, maybe this is a business trip and your boss is cheap.  No...

Feb 19, 2017

Join Us in France Travel Podcast

Warning, the episode spills the beans about what happens in the book. If you don't want to hear the spoilers, skip between 4'50" and 17'

If you loved the book All the Light We Cannot See by Anthoy Doerr and you are thinking of visiting the lovely city of Saint-Malo where a lot of the...

Feb 13, 2017

Join Us in France Travel Podcast

On today's show, Elyse and Annie bring you musings on Le Corbusier Architecture, how he became one of the pillars of French architecture, and some of the criticisms levied against him. Was he a genius or a tyrant? Hint: it doesn't have to  be one or the other, he could be like you and...

Feb 9, 2017

Join Us in France Travel Podcast

On today’s show Annie and guests share tips for driving in France. You’ll hear from Stephanie and Dawn from Canada who drove between Bordeaux and Paris and my friend Jeff who drove around Provence and the south-west. All of us together share great tips for driving in France. If you...