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About the Join Us in France Travel Podcast

Join Us in France is the home of a weekly podcast about France launched in Feb 2014. Welcome to the show! Look around, we have a show for almost every place in France. Let's make your next visit to France the best one yet!

Aug 29, 2018

Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 203

Did you know that there is a Medieval Castle just at the edge of Paris? Complete with dungeon, draw-bridge and moat. Meet the Château of Vincennes, one of the most surprising places in Paris!

[04:29] Reasons You Might Want to Visit the Château de Vincennes
[06:35] Château...

Aug 22, 2018


Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 202

In Paris you only have a few options to get between the airport and the city. In this episode I mention all of them and explain why a taxi is by far the easiest, and sometimes even the cheapest option for you.

Comparing the Options from Personal Experience

The question of...

Aug 18, 2018

Bonjour podcast listeners

You haven't heard from me in a while because I have been busy working on the new version of the Join Us in France website

I am delighted to announce that it is now live and I am really happy with how it has turned out. It's not perfect, but it is soooo much better than the old one!

I would love...