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About the Join Us in France Travel Podcast

Join Us in France is the home of a weekly podcast about France launched in Feb 2014. Welcome to the show! Look around, we have a show for almost every place in France. Let's make your next visit to France the best one yet!

May 23, 2018

Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 198

On today’s episode, I talk to Oliver Gee and his fiancée Lina Nordin from the podcast Earful Tower. They are planning a wonderful honeymoon in France and I bet many of you are doing just that too! They plan to go all around France, exploring a lot of the country as they...

May 17, 2018

Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 197

On today’s episode, I answer a listener’s question. Jacquline is from South Africa and she asks about the prices of common items in France because with the exchange rate, she’s not sure how far her money will stretch, so, let’s talk about food prices at...

May 9, 2018

Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 196

On today’s episode, Annie and Elyse talk about the things they love about the Saint Germain des Près neighborhood in Paris. It's actually surprising to see how long it took us to devote an entire episode to Saint Germain des Près, and it only happened because we assumed...

May 2, 2018

Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 195

On today’s episode, I chat with David Palachek about how to dress for Paris. We’ll be sharing actionable advice you can use to pack your suitcase for Paris and look great in the city of light.

Some of the tricks French women use to look good are surprisingly simple....