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About the Join Us in France Travel Podcast

Join Us in France is the home of a weekly podcast about France launched in Feb 2014. Welcome to the show! Look around, we have a show for almost every place in France. Let's make your next visit to France the best one yet!

May 17, 2018

Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 197

On today’s episode, I answer a listener’s question. Jacquline is from South Africa and she asks about the prices of common items in France because with the exchange rate, she’s not sure how far her money will stretch, so, let’s talk about food prices at French grocery stores.

Cook with French Ingredients!

If you're going to be renting an apartment in France via AirB&B or any of the other apartment rental providers (see our episode on the Secrets to Finding an Apartment in Paris) and you'll have access to a kitchen, you can definitely have great food at a great price!

Get a Cheap Quick Meal

And even if you're going the hotel route, you probably don't need a full sit-down meal 3 times a day, right? Why not pickup some ready-made food at a corner grocery store? It will be cheaper than a restaurant, and a lot fast too.

Grab Inexpensive Gifts from France

And, listen. If you're looking for original and inexpensive gifts you can take back to your friends and family from France, you'll get lots of suggestions here!

Want to get adventurous and try some of those unusual French foods we discussed on Episode 193, Cornucopia of Bizarre French Foods? You can buy many of them at a French grocery store and live dangerously in France!

On today's episode you'll hear about French breakfast foods, candy, chocolates, cheeses, condiments, cookies, detergents and personal care, frozen foods, meats and cold cuts, produce, ready-made foods, strange French foods, bottled water, wines and Annie's favorite: YOGURTS!

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