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About the Join Us in France Travel Podcast

Join Us in France is the home of a weekly podcast about France launched in Feb 2014. Welcome to the show! Look around, we have a show for almost every place in France. Let's make your next visit to France the best one yet!

Dec 29, 2019

On today’s episode Mary White tells me about her trip to France with 10 friends and relatives including a child, a teen, adults, in all this was a big group of family and friends. Now, when you have a big group like that everything gets more complicated, but Mary planned it really well and they had a great time. Ready to hear her secrets? Click play!

Hotel recommended in this episode:  Le Petit Belloy

Discussed in this Episode

  • Paris with family and friends [02:47]
  • How to pull off a trip with a big group [03:54]
  • Using a custom Google map [05:49]
  • Don't overwhelm your group with every detail [06:43]
  • Use the rome2rio app [08:30]
  • Keep everyone informed of changes via text messages [10:19]
  • Get the Museum Pass [10:51]
  • Use official taxis [12:47]
  • L'Alsacienne Restaurant [14:45]
  • Berthillon ice cream [16:35]
  • Great hotel at a reasonable budget [17:11]
  • View to the Eiffel Tower [18:30]
  • Don't make that mistake when going to Versailles [20:26]
  • Uber problem [21:24]
  • Have a good attitude [25:23]
  • Strategy for Versailles [27:09]
  • Éclairs and Millefeuilles [29:44]
  • Pickpocket on the RER [30:23]
  • What do you do if someone in your group gets left on the platform? [34:12]
  • Reserving restaurants using La Fourchette or messaging them on Facebook [36:33]
  • Watching Bastille Day fireworks from the hotel window [38:04]
  • Taxis in Paris are cheaper than in New York [39:16]
  • You'll walk a lot in Paris! [40:19]
  • Bourguignon du Marais restaurant [41:14]
  • Can you agree on not splitting checks? [44:08]
  • Hiring a van to take all of them to Normandy for the day [45:56]
  • Don't get upset if you need to make last-minute changes [49:27]
  • Don't be afraid to split up if you need to [49:47]
  • Get the Museum Pass [50:04]
  • Enjoy mealtimes [50:46]
  • Choose a hotel with lots of options nearby (more reasons why Petit Belloy was a good choice) [51:20]
  • Sometimes touristy places are great [52:42]
  • Advice for foodies [53:42]
  • Pre-purchase as many things as you can [54:11]
  • Buying tickets for the Eiffel Tower [55:05]
  • Thank you Patrons [58:49]
  • Trip planning consult with Annie [59:41]
  • Support the show without spending a penny you wouldn't have otherwise [01:00:06]
  • New Year's Resolutions [01:00:42]
  • Be an Ambassador for the Join Us in France Travel Podcast! [01:03:56]

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